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When we start to think of selling our property, we should all search for some selling your home tips. There are plenty of web sites offering top tips to sell your home and whilst some of the ideas are simple and straightforward, they nevertheless are invaluable. There are a number of things you can do yourself to assist your Estate agent to achieve the maximum value for your property. Take a look at our selling home tips and when you’re ready to market within West Bromwich, Oldbury or Darlaston give our sales experts a call on

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Top tips to sell your home

Obviously take a look at and download our FREE mover’s guide which gives a detailed overview of the process to sell you property. We have also listed below some quick at a glance at our top selling your home tips:

1. First impressions count

Most buyers will form their first impressions of a house within seconds of walking through the door. It’s worth taking time to tidy up outside the property and always make sure your front door looks great, it’s really worthwhile painting or staining to freshen up your front door.

2. The big spring clean

Tidiness and a big de-cluttering campaign should never be underestimated and so start throwing out unwanted items and clean each room top to bottom. The important rooms will be the bathroom and the kitchen, make sure all surfaces and floors are clean. A good and detailed clean will also make your home smell fresh and appealing to potential purchasers.

3. Keep it neutral

Neutral colours won’t put any buyer off. Potential buyers walking through your home will be able to plan to put their own identity on your home without having to remove yours first. If necessary, paint all your home with white ceilings and magnolia walls – yes, of course it make take a few weeks but it really will make an amazing difference.

4. Fix it

Dripping taps or dated old floor coverings? These will send the wrong message to potential buyers. Dirty sealant around the bath or loose handrails on the stairs. You will need to make sure the obvious is fixed and it will make all the difference. When purchasers see faults they will automatically want to start drastically reducing their offer to you as they believe it may be a problem property

Our 4 top tips to sell your home will most certainly make a huge difference when preparing your property for marketing.

Selling your home tips
Top tips to sell your home
Selling home tips

Selling home tips

When giving though to selling home tips don’t overlook the drive by appeal. Many buyers will make a drive-by visit to your property before they decide whether or not to make a viewing. During the time you are marketing your property we would suggest that additional and focused effort is applied to keeping the outside of your property regularly tidy with trimmed edges and mowed lawns. Never forget that if you have property within Tipton, Smethwick or Wednesbury that you are show-casing your property and you need to make them want to come in.

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