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Confused about selling your house fees, perhaps not necessarily the fees but more so what do you get for your money? We are all guilty of asking the initial question, what are the fees for selling a house ? Obviously cost is important but the real issue will be finding an Estate agent that has the market presence and infrastructure to actually get you property sold for it’s full market value. Thinking of selling within Oldbury or West Bromwich and want to discuss the fees selling a house ? Call Wednesbury Estate Agents on

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Fees selling a house

Selling your property within Smethwick or Darlaston, will become an opportunity or even a nightmare for all sorts of reasons, perhaps a growing family or a job promotion that requires you to relocate. Whatever the reason, moving home is expensive and there are plenty of hidden and surprise costs involved when considering fees selling a house. When you look at the bigger picture for selling your house fees you will need to give thought to obviously your Estate agency fees which can range between 1% and 3% depending on the agent you choose. There will also be conveyancing fees which can vary between £1000 and £2000, removal fees will be £400 to £2500 locally and don’t forget that every property now needs an EPC which costs around £75 to £120.

Selling your house fees
Fees selling a house
What are the fees for selling a house

 What are the fees for selling a house

Let’s not also forget that when asking what are the fees for selling a house that whilst selling your house may not include stamp duty, buying your next home will. The cost of stamp duty can be an unwelcome surprise and most certainly worth understanding when budgeting and giving thought to – selling your house fees.

While the estate agent’s fee within Tipton or Wednesbury, can seem like an eye-watering sum, it’s not always advisable to choose the company offering to sell your home for the lowest fee just so you can save money.

Be careful of going cheap!

The best Wednesbury Estate Agents will usually be at the higher end of the fee scale than their rivals. You will need to do your homework and look at who is selling property like yours most quickly and for the highest amounts. If selling you property is what you are serious about, then you will need to engage with an Estate agent that gets property sold. You’re likely to have a lot of contact with your Wednesbury Estate Agents over the coming weeks and months, so it’s also worth thinking about who you will be happy to work with, and make your decision based on these factors as well as the fee.

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